Happy Customers!

What a great find thanks to Yelp! The vegetables were perfect, just as promised. We had green beans, sautéed baby bok choy, mu shu, broccoli w mushrooms, and a mild version of the spicy garlic eggplant. All the vegetables were amazingly fresh & cooked just right. Looks like they do mainly take out but as we live elsewhere we ate in the clean, simple & quiet dining area. Very pleasant service & the cook was singing in the kitchen! Also want to say that the other table (4 older folks who seemed to be first timers as well) had questions about the menu that were answered with grace & cheerfulness despite the pick up rush going on via phone, in the kitchen, and the door.
— Jack Y.
Best Chinese place In Novato, delivery was fast and food was hot and tasty.
Try it and you won't regret it
— Noor P.
Very good. Fast. The muscles are amazing and worth every penny.
The beef n broccoli was a meat I can't figure out, maybe chicken? It was pale white. Lol
But i love seafood and appreciate that the muscles were plentiful and cooked well.
— Cristi D.
The Dragon Cafe is open again!

Great food, Great service.

Food is great and the business has been around for a long time
— Haolynne L.
This is a great spot! The best crab Rangoon and chow Mein I've ever had. Also some of the friendliest people in the world. Cute chef too ;)
— Devin C.
Craving good old American Chinese comfort food like crab Rangoon and chow mein?  This is the place for you.

Food is tasty and have the appropriate seasoning.  You could hear the chef Woking which is pretty cool.  Nice people.  I will be back.
— So S.
Aside from being understated, thoughtful of our environment and incredibly polite...WHY DON'T WE HAVE AWARDS FOR MANNERS? Why do we call traditional behaviors such as manners "old school"? Dragon Cafe represents what is all traditional, naturally cultural and good. I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to the young man that took my order last night! He's a superb first impression - coupled with honesty and detailed in his order taking! He's going places! I've been dining here for 10 years and they've provided consistency and a delicious meal every time!

— Clu C.
Decided to try the little Dragon Cafe one night and LOVED it! My daughter and I have gone back several times. Lunch is a big serving too.
Staff are friendly and seems there are many regulars that go here, or that they treat everyone as friends/family
— Allison N.