About Us

The Dragon Cafe is a local, family-owned business.  We prepare a large menu of the Mandarin-style food, with a Cantonese touch adjusted by our local customers preferred flavors. We have happily served the community of Novato since the early 1990s and like to take care of our local customers. We support many local organizations and schools, as our children have all gone to school, and grown in the town of Novato.

 Here at the Dragon Cafe our logo is, “Eat healthy, be happy!” At Dragon Cafe, the dishes are prepared fresh on each individual spot from scratch. The communication between the customers and the chef is direct; we listen to, and cater to our customers’ concerns and needs. We can handle your special requests quickly such as low fat, no sugar, or gluten free meals. We pride ourselves on not adding any MSG to our foods. Our chef is actively searching for new or seasonal dishes to present to our customers.

Here is an Excerpt from article “Shopping center’s Chinese eatery a surprise” written about Dragon Cafe: Appeared in the Marin Independent Journal (Aug. 27, 02) “Vegetarian Potstickers were better than average, their wrappers crisply sautéed on one side, and packed with shredded cabbage, carrot and a hint of garlic. Salt and pepper chicken wings, among the best I’ve tried, were fried so the skin crackled like bacon. These were greaseless, full of flavor, and slightly spicy, thanks to a garnish of green chili rings and sautéed onions. Whole fresh tilapia, deep-fried, was again greaseless, featuring sweet, juicy flesh and a zillion bones. A daily special of a choice of vegetables stir fried with meat was tops. We asked for a mix of asparagus, green beans and snow peas together with chicken in a garlicky sauce. The kitchen obliged; the result was as green and fresh-tasting as it was delicious.”
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